What sets us apart


Today, we have 11 exclusive brands, in addition to two proprietary brands, that together provide the most comprehensive product line for bicycles and bikers in the market.

These brands together make up the over 20,000 different items included in Isapa’s product portfolio. We wish to meet the needs of all our customers with all types of products.

This is why we are YOUR BIKE WORLD.

Our products are fully certified in accordance with rules and standards required in Brazil and abroad, with a view to quality and consumer safety, thus ensuring the success of our customers’ business.

We ensure the success of our customers’ business.

We insist on selling high quality and renowned brand products.

We have been in the bicycle market since 1962. We can say we understand the subject. But it’s always good to remember that having experience doesn’t mean being up to date.

We have many young employees who are bikers and work always focused on the latest developments and trends in the market. This combination of experience and innovation is one of the keys to our success.

We serve the entire Brazilian territory with a broad team of qualified representatives, internal salespersons, supervisors and promoters who create relationships based on partnership, trust and reliability with our customers spread out all over this world called Brazil.

In addition to our sales team, all our internal employees are dedicated and give their best to our company. Since 1962 we are sure that:


They make all the difference.

Aimed to the professionalization of the market, Isapa is always sharing knowledge, both in workshops periodically carried out at trade fairs and events throughout Brazil, and in its already renowned training center (CTI – Centro de Treinamento Isapa), an exclusive initiative that offers qualification and certification to assistance and maintenance of products from brands such as Algoo, Alligator, Park Tool and Manitou.

And thinking about how to further extend the access, in 2020 we launched ISAPA remote education (EAD ISAPA). Click here and learn about.

In addition to the variety and quality of our products, respect for our customers, reliability of the brands and an excellent team, Isapa also offers the best commercial terms and policies!

And none of this would matter if our logistics didn’t ensure an always quick delivery with quality.